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Hypoxia means lack of adequate oxygenation. The consequence of sustained hypoxia is, eventually, cellular death, followed by death of the entire organism.

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Q: What is the life threatening consequence of hypoxia?
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What are are the life-threatening consequences of severe burns?

Infection and shock are examples of life-threatening consequences of severe burns. Body fluid loss leading to dehydration is another life-threatening consequence.

Who is researching methemoglobinemia?

This is a congenital hemoglobinopathy where the hemoglobin has an increased affinity for oxygen, and therefore, it does not releases it to the tissues. The consequence is hypoxia, and clinically, the baby has a bluish to grey color. It is incompatible with life.

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It is not life threatening if it is minor.

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What does life threatening mean?

Life threatening means that you could lose your life over it. If you have a life threatening illness, it is possible that you could lose your life over the illness.

Can hypoxia cause cell injury or death?

The consequence of hypoxia is entirely dependent on its intensity, duration, and also dependent on the age, gender, and health status of the victim. Our brain uses 20% of the oxygen we breathe, so I believe that the consequences of a prolonged and intense hypoxia may cause irreversible brain cells' damage, thus leading to a fatal outcome.

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YES!!!!!! it is very life threatening!

What heat illness is life-threatening?

Heat stroke is immediately life threatening.

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Yes, alcoholism can be a life-threatening disease.

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to be true a non threatening emergency is when you have a problem but it isn't a life or death problem

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