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according to some reports, it is decrease because of acidosis

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Q: What is the level of end tidal co2 in carbon monoxide poisoning?
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What is the difference between tide and tidal range?

tide is the level of the waves and tidal range is the avergae tide

Which is better for the environment - coal or tidal power?

Tidal power. Coal has a massive effect on the environment because burning it releases carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas which is causing global warming. Tidal power has minimal impact on the environment.

What is the difference between the level of the ocean at high and low tide?

Tidal range

How is tidal energy being used by humans?

There are a few plants using it to generate electricity, but its main "use" is to slow the Earth's rotation and to reshape Coastlines.

What is the difference of the ocean between the level of high and low tide?

The difference is known as the tidal range.

How do you conquer level 10 flat in evony?

jump over the tidal rock, you'll find a death sword

Air exhaled after normal exhalation is?

Lower in oxygen content and higher in carbon dioxide content than regular air.

Can tidal energy cause a flood?

There is a fundamental difference between tides and tidal energy. Tides are the rising and lowering of sea level and this is probably what you are referring to. Yes, it is possible for the rising water to cause floods in lower lying lands. One good example would be the Netherlands aka Holland. Their land level is below/slightly above sea level, so any rise in sea level threatens their livelihood. That is why they have dykes that prevent sea water from entering the land. Tidal energy on the other hand utilises the rising and lowering of water level to run turbines and generators to produce electrical energy.

What is the minimum tidal energy required for a practical tidal plant?

That depends on the kind of plant. There are two major types:1. Tidal turbines2. tidal barrages1. Tidal turbines are like wind-turbines but underwater. They need a current speed of at least 1m/s to start producing energy but current models are not economically viable for anything below 2m/s2. Tidal barrages are like dams across a bay or an estuary. Theyutilizethe difference in water level between high and low tide. They open their gates as the tide comes in to allow the water to collect behind the dam. at the highest point of the tide the gates close until low tide is reached. the water is then release via turbines until the water level behind the dam is equal to the sea level. When the tide comes in again the cycle repeats. These kind of tidal plants need a difference between high and low tide of at least 5-7 meters although the bigger the difference the better.

What is the history of tidal energy?

tidal energy is created by turbines that does make tidal power

What energy source does not increase carbon dioxide levels in the environment?

Any energy source that is renewable does not increase carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the environment. Examples of renewable energy are solar, wind, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal and biofuel.

What is the sea level at cape canaveral?

Mean sea level is the same everywhere. Tidal variations are different in different places. You would need local info for this. The local coastguards could give you this.