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It depends on which emergency services. ALL would need:

  • Location / Address
  • Nature of the problem
  • What service you need

Police Dispatchers often ask also for:

  • Your name
  • Who is present
  • Who did what to whom (the problem)
  • If you knew or can describe the person if there was a crime
  • If anyone is hurt so they can send an ambulance

If reporting a fire, they need the basic: Where?

If you are in no danger, they may ask additional questions on the phone. Or, police and fire will ask you once they are on the scene.

Emergency Medical / EMTs will ask:

  • person's name
  • age
  • next-of-kin
  • health history
  • known Allergies
  • current medications
  • the current problem
  • current symptoms / "complaints"
  • which hospital ER do you want to use (if there are choices AND if the condition permits a choice)
  • Additional questions based on the situation.
  • At some point, someone needs to give insurance or billing information but this often waits until later.
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Q: What is the key information required by emergency services?
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