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resting line

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Q: What is the junction between primary and secondary dentin?
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Which cement is known for its ability to stimulate the formation of secondary dentin?

Calcium Hydroxide

Difference between odontoblast process and tomes' process?

Tome's process forms at the apical end of the ameloblast. Odontoblast process forms at the proximal end of the odontoblast, close to the dentinoenamel junction. Ameloblasts --> enamel Odontoblasts --> dentin

Why the dentinal tubule is 'S' shaped?

Funny enough, not even dentists know why. For some reason at some point during development dentin tubules become secondary dentin and turn, forming that S looking pattern.

What is the chemical composition of dentin?


Infected and affected dentin?

Infected dentin is that part of dentin which is contaminated and contains the microorganism with their toxins, and demineraliaed dentin. While affected dentin is not occupied by microorganism it just contains the toxins produced by microorganisms of the infected dentin, and also there is demineralization.

What rhymes with dentin?

Clinton rhymes with dentin.

What does sound dentin mean?

sound dentin

What is the difference between enamel and dentin?

Dentin is the substance making up the main part of a tooth, while the enamel is the substance covering the the visible part of an anatomical crown in a thin layer. Inside the tooth, well protected by the dentin, is the pulp chamber and the root canals - the nerve of the tooth.

Why are imbrication lines present on insicors?

They are also known as incremental lines of von Ebner. The are incrementallines in the dentin of hte tooht that reflect the variations in mineralization during dentin formation. The distance between the liens corresponds to the daily rate of dentin formation:-)

What is Mammoth Dentin?

Dentin is one of the four main components of teeth. It makes up the layer beneath the tooth enamel. Mammoth dentin is simply the dentin from a mammoth's tooth.

Main substance of the tooth?

Dental enamel

What is dentin made of?

Dentin is the material of your teeth that is under the enamel.