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Peer Pressure

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Q: What is the influence people your age have on you is called?
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When people your age influence how you act or what you do Is an example?

Peer pressure

The influence that others your own age have on you is called?

It is usually referred to as "peer pressure".

Does population growth depend in how many people of different ages make up a given population?

Insofar as the number of people of people in the age range to reproduce will influence the number who actually do and the number of people of an age to feed, care for, and defend the group will influence survival rates within the group - Yes.

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how did the developments in the age of enlightenment influence westren civilization

Did Albert Einstein influence anyone Yes he probably influenced many people that we don't know?

Albert Eisenstein influence young kids that had fun in the age of 7

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What were the people during the stone age called?


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Yes, they were made out of stone, that was why it was called the stone age.

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wats good people

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