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Taking care of ill is not that easy, especially to us nurses who are really the main source of the primary care that is to be given to the patient aside from doctors. We have them every shift providing care and as well as their needs. But its not care you are given is the importance, but on how you deliver and touch your patient as a member of the health team. It reflects on patients feelings and the effect of the care you have given. The main importance was the care that can relieve and intervene patients agonies between his illness.

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Q: What is the importance of patient care?
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How is patient satisfaction of importance in the private medical field?

Patient satisfaction is of importance in the private medical field because how a patient views they were treated weighs heavily on their decision to return to that practice's office again. Patients who are satisfied with the care they received, cleanliness, and how they were treated are more likely to return.

What is the job description of a patient care coordinator?

A patient care coordinator helps to coordinate the care of the patient between all facilities in addition to explaining everything to the patient and their family. They also review the outcome of the care to ensure the patient was treated correctly.

Where can I get a patient care technician lesson?

You can find information on patient care technician lessons on the following

How do you get patient care technician certification?

A person can get a patient care technician certification if they apply to the Everest College. This is one college that a person can get a patient care techinician certification.

How is a private home care aide violating hipaa laws when they report patient care issues to the patient's own doctor?

Reporting patient care issues to the patient's personal doctor or any other person involved in that patient's care is not a violation of HIPAA as long as it is on a need to know basis.

What is a patient care assisant?

this is a care giver

Explain the importance what traction care techniques preventing weights from resting on the floor positioning patient so that the feet dont rest on the end of the bed?

to keep it light

What is the definition of indirect care?

Direct Care:'Direct care' is care that is directly to the patient, this may even be on a one-to-one basis, where care is provided directly to the patient. E.g. Nurse, Doctor, etc.Indirect Care:'Indirect care' is care but not directly like a doctor or a care worker, but a cleaner or a receptionist who plays a part in the patient's healthcare or the service the patient uses but not directly them or with them this will ultimately benefit them.

What is the wage of a patient care technician?

The wage of a patient care technician is approximately $40,000 to $50,000. Patient care technicians enjoy fairly good wages and benefits for instance as well.

Are there any online patient care technician schools?

Patient care technician schools are a great place to test your technician quality. There are plenty of online patient care technician schools to get there to.

The withdrawal of a physician from the care of a patient without reasonable notice of such discharge from the case by the patient is?

Reasonable care

Can an intern give patient info to another intern?

If it relates to that patients care, or if (He/She) is taking care of that patient.