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The different genders make it possible for reproduction, and thus the continuation of human life.

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Q: What is the importance of gender?
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What did television show such as father know best portray?

The importance of "proper" gender roles-Apex

What is the importance about chromosomes in pregnancy?

Chromosomes decide the gender of the child.

Importance of boy to boy friendship?

Same-gender friendships are extremely important in child and pubescent development, as it allows for discussing gender-specific issues, sharing gender-preferred interests, etc.

How important is gender in religion in various cultures?

Most religions put a lot of importance on a person's gender; many elevate men over women. But not all do!

Is there any importance to discuss gender issues?

For some people it may be very important, for others not at all.

What is the importance of gender in project planning and management?

There is no relevance to gender in project planning and management unless you are working in a culture where mixing gender is not allowed for religious or cultural reasons. In that case you would have to ensure that the gender-mixing conforms to the local standards. That said, very often a mix of gender causes sexual-tension, like flirting. This distracts the team members from the project at hand.

What is the relationship between gender and power?

The relationship between gender and power are relative in the sense that gender is manifested by God to be equal in terms of values however power is just manifested by man,s selfishness that they thought they are more sloe power than woman. In this new era gender and power are diminishing with importance-what man can do, it can also be done by the woman.

Is auberge de jeunesse masculine or feminine in french?

Feminine: une auberge. "de jeunesse" is a complement, so the gender (also feminine) is of no importance.

List four ways to filter records?

The filters one applies to records will depend on the type of records are needed. They can be filtered by name, date, importance, or even gender.

Is scanning good for the baby?

Scanning is good for the baby because it is important to know whether it has some abnormalities. Finding out about the baby's gender is only of secondary medical importance.

What is the gender of 'tree'?

All English nouns are of common gender.

What is the opposite gender of doctor?

Doctor is a neuter gender