What is the importance of coding accurately?

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Accurate coding ensures correct payment / reimbursement from third party payers, as well as systematizing diseases and procedures to allow for statistical and epidemiological studies.

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Q: What is the importance of coding accurately?
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What is importance of binary system?

It is used to do all the computer coding!

How do you bill and code anathesia?

I'm doing a term paper for my medical billing and coding class , and one of the questions is for us to explain the importance of anathesia in the coding enviroment?

Why is amino acid importance?

It is the coding mechanism of your dna as well as how different processes work in your body.


For coding

What is the importance of using the proper markup language?

Without the right tags the content won't be accurately indexed.

What is the importance of coding in sequence?

Coding sequence is used to build proteins from amino acids. Each amino acid has a specific 3-base sequence known as codons. Since proteins are very important in our lifes and many biochemical processes, the coding sequence is very important. A change in the coding sequence (mutation) may result in the wrong protein being produced. Some incurable human diseases are as a result of changes in coding sequence

What is the importance of latitude and longitude on a map?

Latitude and longitude are able to pinpoint a certain location on Earth accurately on a map.

What accurately describes the importance of Christopher Columbus?

His voyage inspired European powers to begin exploring, conquering, and colonizing the Americas.

What are the different types of coding systems?

hierarchial classification faceted classification serial coding sequential coding block coding interpretative coding mnemonic coding check digits

What are the importance of the rule of nines in the treatment of burn patients?

The importance of the "rule of nines" in treatment of burn patients is that it allows estimation of the extent of burns so fluid volume replacement can be calculated accurately.

What is the importance of DNA in RNA synthesis?

The DNA serves as a temple for the RNA to be synthesized. DNA houses the coding sequences of the genes. RNA is made to copy these genes.

What is the importance of measuring accurately?

becuz that way u get an accurate result at the end of the experiment and any calculations done would give you the right answer.

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