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Funny i consider my self to be a BOY/GIRL . Yes gay , gentlewoman in the sense that i sport the look of a male. Not attracted to this same type , i have eyes for girlie bi women with children.

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A Girlfriend and boyfriend realationship is straight, not bisexual or lesbian/gay.

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Q: What is the history of boy girl relationship?
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What is a boy-girl relationship?

A relationship between a boy and a girl.

What is a boy-girl?

A relationship between a boy and a girl.

Is a girl a boy?

A relationship between a boy and a girl.

Do you agree in a boy to boy or girl to girl relationship's?

i dont agree in both .but the better one is a girl to girl relationship

Why is the boy-girl relationship part of the growing process?

Why does the boy and girl relationship part of the growing process

What a girl needs from a boy in relationship?

a girl just needs a friend who can be a boy in a friendship, but woman needs a man in relationship

What does boy-girl mean?

Someone who has characteristics of both girl and boy or other name is androgynous

What are good signatures for a girl in a relationship with a boy?

the date in which the girl and the boy started dating.

Who is more serious in a relationship boy or girl?

Usually a girl

Who is responsible in a girl or boy relationship?

the girl runs every thing! they keep the relationship together!:]

What is sex which boy and girl do with each other?

It's sexual relationship between the boy and the girl.

How do you begin a relationship?