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every one goes on about how they are keeping their hands warm or masturbating or scratching their balls not true it is a new chav image thing showing people their are chavs like the socks over trousers thing

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Q: What is the hand down the trousers thing?
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How do you you get a man's attention to you?

slide your hand down his trousers

How do you feel a guys area they have clothes on?

Put your hand down his trousers. ;)

Why did they stop making the Sifl and Olly show?

because olly stuck his hand down his trousers on the show.

What is the simple subject in his trousers are black?

well it is trousers trousers are a thing right so that would make them a subject

Are breeches the same as trousers?

Breeches are trousers that come down to the knee

What is to jock?

jock is to pull down peples trousers

Do you take your trousers off when a boy fingers you?

No, you don't have to. He can just put his hand down your pants. But you should undo your button and if your pants zip up you should help him out by undoing your pants!

Why is there something sticking out down your trousers?

your boyfriend or husband had an erection

Why do boys put their hands down their trousers?

Worried I guess about there package?

What is the main good the state of new york produces?

my stick down my trousers

What are the tactics in samurai warriors 2 empires?

Chins up trousers down.

Where can you buy tight fit skinny leg black flare school trousers?

You can buy them from various shops like new look, topshop etc. However I have found a way on YouTube to change flare trousers into skinny trousers, I would recommend trying them out on a old pair of trousers first. It is a video called "Skinny Jeans from normal/baggy jeans". You can do the same thing with school trousers though.