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Q: What is the generic name for tagmet?
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Can you take tagmet and Advil pm together?

No you cannot take them together

Is there an generic for fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a generic drug.

Is the name Prednisone generic or brand name?

prediSONE is a generic name

What is another term for generic drug?

A drug can be listed by either its brand name or its generic name. The brand name is what the company that makes it has labeled it and the generic name is its chemical name. Some examples: Tylenol (brand name).....Acetaminophen (generic or chemical name) Motrin (brand name)......Ibuprofen (generic or chemical name) Prilosec (brand name)....Omeprazole (generic or chemical name) Benadryl (brand name)...Diphenhydramine (generic or chemical name)

What is the generic name for seconal?

Generic Name: secobarbital

What is the generic name of tricycle?

Tricycle, or trike, IS the generic name.

What is the generic name of carbocisteine?

It's already a generic name.

Is the name cocodamol a brand name or a generic name?

more likekly a generic name.

What is the generic name for clonidine?

The generic name is clonidine and the brand name is Catapres..

What is the Generic name for pethedine?

Pethedine is a generic name. The drug uses the generic name meperidine in the US and Canada (marketed as Demerol and others) but pethedine is the generic name in most other countries.

What is a generic name that is a famous person's name?

No offense to Dick Clark, but his name is pretty generic. Also, Ricky Martin's name is generic too.

What is the generic name of man?

"Man" is the generic name. "Homo Sapiens" is the scientific name.