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Balance - they tell your brain which way up you are.

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They are the sensory organs for balance.

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Q: What is the function of the semi-circular canal?
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Without a functioning crista ampullaris the semicircular cana have no function?

The crista ampullaris that does not function will also affect the function semicircular canal of the inner ear. This is because the crista ampullaris is located in the semicircular ear canal. It senses angular acceleration and deceleration.

Is it true that without a functioning Crista Ampullaris the semicircular canal would not function?


What causes unbalance?

Semicircular Canal

What is the function of cristae within ampullae?

The crista ampullaris is the sensory organ of rotation located in the semicircular canal of the inner ear. The function of the crista ampullaris is to sense angular acceleration and deceleration.

Does the ampullae belong to the middle ear?

As a dilated portion of a canal or duct, it is the semicircular canal of the ear

Equilibrium receptor found within ampullae of semicircular canals?

The semicircular canal is found in the inner ear and is responsible for individuals being able to keep their balance. There is a sort of bulbous structure at the end of the semicircular canal called the ampulla which is where the receptors of equilibrium are located.

What is the structure in ear that is involved in hearing?

eustachian tube & semicircular canal

What Inside the cochlea contains hearing receptor cells?

Semicircular Canal

Is the semicircular canal part of the bony labyrinth?

The Bony labyrinth or osseous labyrinth consists of three parts: the vestibule, semicircular canals, and cochlea.

What are the ear parts of the inner ear?

The cochlea, the semicircular canal system, and the otoliths.

If your cannot keep your balance what bodily structure might be responsible?

Semicircular canal

What part of the brain is responsible for balancing?

the cerebellum is responsible for balacing