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it marks the position of the second rib

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Q: What is the function of sternal angle?
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At which angle sternal puncture done?


What pair of ribs indicates the location of the sternal angle?

The second pair of ribs or the True ribs

What vertebral level is the sternal angle of Louis?

at the level of the inter-vertebral disc between T4 and T5.

What does the word sternal mean?

Sternal refers to the sternum, which is the breast bone.

Where is sternal area?

The sternal area is around the sternum (breastbone) in the center of the chest.

How many sternal ribs to asternal ribs in a horse?

8 are sternal & 10 are asternal.

Which is the inferior sternal bony landmark?

The xyphoid process is the inferior sternal bony landmark.

What is the clinical significance of the sternal angle?

Sternal angle-manubriosternal joint-anterior angle formed by junction of manubrium and body of sternum-approximately 140 degreesignificant because:it lies just anterior to arch of aorta -marks the starting and ending of the aortic archanterior to the Corina (point of bifurcation of trachea into 2 main bronchi)It corresponds to the invertebral disc between T4 and T5 vertebraat the level of second pair of coastal cartilagemark superior boundary of inferior mediastinum

Use sternal in a sentence?

This results in intercostal and sternal recession in small children with airway obstruction.

What is cos of a negative angle?

The cosine function is an even function which means that cos(-x) = cos(x). So, if cos of an angle is positive, then the cos of the negative of that angle is positive and if cos of an angle is negative, then the cos of the negative of that angle is negaitive.

Is sine of an angle directly proportional to an angle?

No. The sine of an angle is not directly proportional to the angle. It is a function of the angle, but it is periodic, repeating every 360 degrees of the angle.

What is the cosine function about?

The cosine function is mathematical equation to determine the adjacent angle of a triangle. The cosine of an angle is the ratio of the length of the hypotenuse: so called because it is the sine of the co-angle.