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Sigmoid colon

The sigmoid colon is the part of the large intestine after the descending colon and before the rectum. The name sigmoid means S-shaped (see sigmoid). The walls of the sigmoid colon are muscular, and contract to increase the pressure inside the colon, causing the stool to move into the rectum.

The sigmoid colon is supplied with blood from several branches (usually between 2 and 6) of the sigmoid arteries, a branch of the IMA. The IMA terminates as the superior rectal artery.

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The sigmoid flexure is the curve or bend in the male reproductive organ. The sigmoid flexure has no known function in the human body.

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Q: What is the function of sigmoid flexure?
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What animal does not have a sigmoid flexure?

The sigmoid flexure is an "S"-shaped curvature to the penis that is present in animals with fibrous penises (bovines, goat, sheep, etc.). Animals that do not have a sigmoid flexure of the penis include horses and dogs.

What is the structural functional unit of the body?

what is sigmoid flexure

What is the s shaped part of the colon called?

sigmoid flexure

What is this S-shaped part of the colon called?

sigmoid flexure

What is the function of the retractor muscle in a cow?

The function of the retractor muscle in bulls is to form a sigmoid flexure (s-shaped curve) in the penis in order to hold it inside the sheath when not erect.

Is the sigmoid flexure located between the iliac crest and the rectum?


What is sigmoid flexure?

Sigmoid flexure is a feature of the male reproductive anatomy in certain species, such as pigs and horses, where the penis has an S-shaped curve. This anatomical structure allows for easier insertion during mating and helps to protect the penis when not in use.

Why you use the sigmoid function as the activation function in back-propagation networks?

Basically there are two functions are used in back-propagation network, sigmoid function and delta rule. Sigmoid function provides more flexibility while processing in hidden layer. Another thing Sigmoid function is basically used for the computational job.

What is this s shaped part of the colon called?

The sigmoid colon (pelvic colon) is the part of the large intestine that is closest to the rectum and anus. It forms a loop that averages about 40 cm in length, and normally lies within the pelvis, but on account of its freedom of movement it is liable to be displaced into the abdominal cavity.

How long is the descending colon?

The sigmoid colon (pelvic colon; sigmoid flexure) forms a loop which averages about 40 cm.For more information see:

What are the 4 divisions of the colon?

The four divisions of the colon are the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and sigmoid colon. These divisions make up the large intestine and are responsible for absorbing water and electrolytes from digested food before eliminating waste.

How heavy is a rectum?

The rectum is the terminal section of the alimentary canal; from the sigmoid flexure to the anus. The rectum itself is an opening, and a specific mass would be hard to calculate and rather small.