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It controls the function of the muscles of the wall of the stomach and the muscular sphincter. Also, the nervous tissue controls the secretory function of the stomach.

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Q: What is the function of nervous tissue in the stomach?
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What is the function of loose connective tissue in the stomach?

function of areolar tissue in the stomach

What tissue uses electrochemical signals to carry out its function?

nervous tissue

What is the primary unit of function in the nervous tissue?

The primary unit of the nervous tissue is the neuron. The function of the neuron is to transmit different signals from the nervous system to the various nerves in the body.

What does the blood tissue function in the stomach?

The function of the blood tissue in the stomach is to mainly control the processes in the stomach. This includes regulating acid production and coordination of the stomach muscles among others.

What four types of tissue found in the stomach?

There are four types of tissue that are found in the stomach. These tissues are epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous tissues.

Which tissue type is responsible for regulating and controlling body function?

Nervous Tissue.

What is an example of the function of the nervous tissue?

I have no idea, sorry.

What is the function of muscle tissue in the stomach?

Digestive organs

What is the function of smooth muscle tissue in stomach?

Digestive organs

What is the function smooth muscle tissue in your stomach?

Digestive organs

What are four types of tissue found in the stomach?

The Muscular tissue which is used to churn the contents of the stomach The Glandular tissue which produces digestive juices like acid and enzymes The Epithelial tissue which covers the inner and outer surface of the stomach

Why does your stomach have all 4 tissues?

the stomach needs the muscle tissue and the elastic tissue to stretch and digest the food. Connective Tissue: Is the blood in the walls of the stomach. Nervous Tissue: Controls acid production in the stomach. It also helps contract and coordinate stomach muscle. Epithelial Tissue: Protects the stomach against acid. It covers the inside of the stomach. It also has folds to increase surface area. Muscle Tissue: Mixes stomach contents and forces them towards the lower intestines. It is in between the epithelial tissue.