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The ratio of AST to ALT (AST:ALT) is calculated by dividing the AST value by the ALT value

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Q: What is the formula to determine AST ALT ratio?
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How do you lower your alt ast level?

How do you lower your AST and ALT levels

What is deritis ratio?

Deritis ratio is the differentiation of acute and chronic forms of hepatocellular injury is aided by examining the ratio of ALT to AST. It is related to lung tests.

What is ALT in a comprehensive metabolic panel?

ALT is part of the liver function tests alanine aminotransferase. AST - aspartate aminotransferase. ALT/AST ratio is used to help diagnose liver disease and injury.. Likely from alcohol, drugs, or viruses such as a Hepatitis viral infection.

What are the homeopathic remedies to lower AST and ALT?

AST is another name for SGOT and ALT is another name for SGPT.The reference range of AST is 15-41 IU/L and that of ALT is 14-54IU/LThere is no specific medicine in homeopathy for lowering AST and ALT but there are medicines which improves liver functions.

What does a high count of alt in blood mean in catalyst dx test?

The ALT and AST give a read on a blood test together. These two numbers have a ratio together. There is no particular meaning of just the ALT on it's own.

ALT and AST > ALP?


What are normal levels of ALT and AST?

reference range of ALT is <40 u/l reference range of AST is <35 u/l


ALT and AST Moderately increased

Acute liver damage (due, for example, to infection, toxins or drugs, etc.)?

ALT and AST Usually greatly increased; ALT is usually higher than AST

What would cause AST and ALT to rise if patient has appendicitis?


Alcoholic Hepatitis?

AST is usually at least twice the level of ALT

ALP > ALT and AST?

predominantly cholestatic....bile duct obstruction