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Q: What is the form of medical practice management under which persoal property cannot be attached in litigation is a?
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What are the areas of practice for a commercial litigation law firm?

There are main five areas of practice where a commercial litigation law firm functions. These are- Court Work And Litigation, Conveyancing & Property, Family And De Facto Law, Inheritance Law, and Commercial Law. Furthermore, all these practice areas have different sub-categories included in it. For example, COMMERCIAL LAW has categories such as Leasing, Land Resumption, Franchising, Corporate Law, Builders and Subcontractors, Management Rights, Property Development, Trusts, Superannuation, Estate Planning, and Installment Warrants. Source(s): (See related Link)

What is IP litigation?

The "IP" in IP litigation stands for Intellectual Property.

What is the purpose of an intellectual property litigation?

Intellectual property litigation serves the purpose of protecting a persons legal right to profit solely from their own ideas. This litigation can either extend permissions to publish the work done by the individual or to prevent others from exploiting it.

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Personal Property is property that is not real property nor property that is attached to the land.

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