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Q: What is the fluid made to wash foreign objects out of the body?
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What is the fluid made made to wash foreign out of the body?


WHAT government body must ratify treaties made with foreign countries?

The Senate.

When they say a pregnant woman's water breaks what exactly is that water made of?

the water is made up of a natural fluid in the body after fertilizatin called amniotic fluid. it is not actual water

What is the composition of a breccia rock?

chemical composition mean it is made of body fluid.

Identify the three major subdivision of extracellular fluid found in the body?

The body is made up of three major extracellular materials. These materials are; body fluids, cell secretions and extracellular matrix.

What are the proteins made by white blood cells that react to something foreign in the body?


What happens if you inject cooking oil into your face?

Cooking oil is not made for something like that and it is a foreign substance if put in the body. The body may absorb some of it, but an infection could result and cause disfigurement in that area. The body would fight the foreign substance.

What are objects made by people called?

Objects made by people are often called "man made objects".

Why tips of aeroplanes made pointed?

To reduce friction. making the body streamlined makes the fluid friction less.

Why immune system does not consider contact eye lens as a foreign body?

It technically does, but with the liquids you put on it, and the material its made of and taking them out when you go to bed, the body slowly accepts it.

What is the jelly like fluid that fills the eyeball called?

Aqueous humor is a clear, watery fluid continually produced inside the eye. The aqueous humor is made by the ciliary body.

Does air around you pushes pressure on your body?

(Im not sure but i think i got it I've been looking through my text book) Air is a fluid made of gas so objects can float or rise because of the buoyant force produced by air pressure.