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Sue the hospital

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Q: What is the first thing to do when a nurse give a wrong medication to a patient?
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What is the first thing a nurse does prior to administering blood to a patient?

The FIRST thing before a nurse gives a patient ANY thing is: Identify the patient! NOTE: There are specific checks a nurse MUST do. ID the patient is just ONE check.

The nurse aide finds a conscious client lying on the floor. the first thing the nurse should do is?

Push the call button to alert senior nurses. Do not attempt to move patient but ask if he is ok, Depending on your patient there will be different outcomes. Mental patients are more apt to lie down without a reason. Ask what happened if the patient fell and if patient is in any pain. Patient will most likely need assistance which a more senior nurse should handle.

What is the best therapy for anxiety?

It all depends on the person if medication or counseling will be the thing to help them with anxiety. Medication is really not the answer though. Medication will only treat the patient, but not cure.

You are giving medication another staff asking to give injection and she is going for break what you will do?

It depends on the situation. I would if I wasn't busy and I knew enough about the patient to dispense medication. Usually, the right thing to do is a nurse should take care of her patients needs first and get them situated before going on break. Instead of dumping on someone else and the patient having to wait for something they need for comfort. Most caring nurses will think of their patients needs before their own.

What is the first aid for heart attack?

The first aid treatment for a heart attack is fairly limited. We can reassure the patient. As well as this, we can help the patient take any prescribed medication (i.e. GTN spray). The best thing we can do is to phone for an ambulance and to ensure prompt medical treatment is delivered to the patient. This is the best treatment first aiders can provide.

How can a metaphor affect a persons emotions?

In my opinion, at an emotional level there is no such thing as a metaphor or simile. If I say something is "like kicking a dog" my listener immediately goes to that image and responds emotionally to it. A public speaker can generate the emotion he or she wants from an audience by the choice of simile or metaphor. Consider: "Drinking from someone else's glass is like shoving your tongue in their mouth." "Drinking from someone else's glass is about as dangerous as shaking hands." or "A nurse who steals a patient's medication is a vampire." "A nurse who steals a patient's medication is a prisoner of addiction."

What would be the most challenging thing as a surgeon?

well it depends what type of nurse, a doctor nurse or hospital nurse, i think a hospital nurse would be hard to let 'people go' when they die, you see their family cry and stuff...

What if your patient complains for a runny nose what shoul you do first?

If your patient complains of a runny nose, the first thing you should do is check the patient's temperature.

One law that is important when handling medication?

First thing first always make sure that you give the right medication to the right person.

What is the first thing an employee should do when they face conflict with a patient?


When a technician professionally greets a patient in a community pharmacy the first thing he or she should do is?

Answer is D. introduce himself or herself to the patient

What the first thing a medical assistant does if a patient requests drug samples?