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The fear of water is called aquaphobia. The fear of a water well would fall under the term claustrophobia.

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Q: What is the fear water called?
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What is the fear of water called?


What is it called if you are scared of water?

Fear of water is called aquaphobia. It is an anxiety disorder characterized by a persistent and intense fear of water, which can manifest as a fear of swimming, getting wet, or even being near large bodies of water.

What is the irrational fear water called?


What is the fear of lakes called?

Limnophobia. Also the fear of water is hydrophobia. You probably knew that.

What is the word for fear of water?

Aquaphobia. Hydrophobia is a morbid fear of water.

What is the fear of boiling water?

The fear of boiling water is called zemphobia. It is a specific phobia characterized by extreme fear or anxiety related to boiling water. This fear can stem from past traumatic experiences or irrational beliefs about the dangers of boiling water.

What is the fear of large statues standing in water called?


What is the fear of waterfalls called?

Potamophobia - Is the fear of running water. There isn't one specifically for waterfalls.

What is the fear of water in the dark?

Thalassophobia Thalassophobia

Is there a fear of deep and dark water?

yeah, it's called tyopholosis, and it's a crippling fear of deep underwater spaces. I HAVE IT!

What things hydrophobia fear?

Nounhydrophobia (plurSaveal hydrophobias)(pathology) An aversion to water, as a symptom of rabies; rabies itself.Fear of water (colloquial, fear of water is technically called aquaphobia, so not to be confused with rabies).

What is hidrophobia?

Rabies,fear of water