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the fatty material in cyst is simply juyst chickenfat that comes form the chicken bee hind!

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Yes, a sebaceous cyst does contain yellow, fatty material.

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Q: What is the fatty material in a cyst?
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What does a fatty cyst look like?

Fatty cyst

What is the medical term meaning a mass of fatty paste?

A sebaceous cyst is a mass filled with a fatty paste. An atheroma is a fatty deposit on the inner walls of arteries.ointment or unguent

Which term describes a cyst filled with cheesy material often found on the scalp?

Sebaceous Cyst

What is a nodule filled with a semi-solid material?

A nodule filled with semi-solid material may be a cyst, which is a sac-like pocket typically filled with liquid, semi-solid, or gaseous material. Cysts can form in various parts of the body and are usually noncancerous unless they become infected or grow significantly in size.

Can having a fatty liver and liver cyst cause right side pain?

maybe it depends how fat it is

Can you get cyst on your back?

A cyst is an accumulation of cells that have formed a sort of sack beneath the skin which can be filled with air, cellular material, or fluids. If the cyst does not resolve itself, it should be surgically removed. A doctor can determine if this needs to be done.

What is a closed sack or pouch containing soft or semifluid material?

A Cyst

What is a cyst made?

It may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid material.

What is a cyst made of?

It may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid material.

Fatty covering material of neuron fibers?


What is the medical term meaning sac that is filled with fluid and located under the skin?

A cyst is a closed sac containing fluid or semisolid material. An abscess is another type of closed sac containing infectious material.

What is the sac like structure that contain fluid or semisolid material in a thick capsule?

It is called a Cyst