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anywhere. organisms are living creatures.

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Q: What is the environment where an organism normally lives?
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The environment in which an organism lives is called?

The environment in which an organism lives is its habitat.

What is the description of a habitat?

A habitat is normally described as the place where an animal lives and grows. It is also the environment where an organism or ecological community lives.

What determins an organism's phenotype?

Phenotype is the outward characteristics of an organism, a product of both genotype and the environment in which the organism lives

Where and how an organism lives in its environment is called its?

Habitat, or habits.

What is the environment an organism lives in called?

convergent evolution

What is the area where an organism normally lives is called?

new zealand

How are organism's different from their habitat?

they are different because the organism is the person, animal,etc. that lives in the habitat. The habitat is the environment that the thing lives in. ^_^

What are the habitats of an ecosystem?

A habitat is a region where an organism normally grows and lives.

What is the specific type of environment in which an organism lives?

The specific type of environment in which an organism lives is called its habitat. This includes the physical and biological factors that make up that particular place and meet the organism's needs for survival and reproduction.

Create a model of a fictitious organism that is adapted to its environment.?

Create a fiction organism and how it lives or relates to its enviornment

What is the living organisms in a habitat?

An organism is actually a living thing, and a habitat is the environment for an organism. But, if one organism lives on another, the organism is its habitat.

A includes all the ways an organism lives and interacts with its environment?

food chain