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cookies will expired

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Q: What is the effect of using expired emplex?
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What is Substitute for emplex?


What is emplex in bakery term?

Emplex is an emulsifier used in baked goods, like keep cookies crispy, increases dough strength and extends the shelf life of baked goods.

What is emplex?

Hydrated Emplex is an emulsifier added to a number of different food products, particularly to doughs. It supposedly makes bread dough and other pastry doughs more elastic, soft and tender. It is not commonly used in home baking. "Emplex" also is a brand name for a method and product line of plastic food container seals.

Can taking 5mg of an expired antidepressant have an effect on you?

yes it will

What are the side effect of eating expired teriyaki sauce?

Food Poisoning

Can you get an oil change in Delaware with expired registration?

Having an expired registration doesn't effect your ability to get an oil change anywhere including Delaware.

Can you bake a cake using expired milk?


What are the side effects of using expired sugar?


Can a four months expired Starbucks whole bean coffee still be used or roasted for a drink?

I wouldn't recommend using it unless you enjoy being sick, it says expired for a reason.

Is it Illegal to use an expired prescription drug?

Providing YOU were the person for whom the expired drug was prescribed - it's not illegal to use an expired drug. However, it may be too old to be effective and the manufacturer will not guarantee its effectivenss past the expiration date. If you were NOT the person for whom the expired drug was prescribed, and you were caught using it, the fact that it was expired is NOT a defense.

What is the effect if expired Oxycontin being use?

Just like any expired medicine, it will damage the liver. Depends on how much is taken to determine the length of time that severe liver damage will occur.

What is the effects of using expired neosporin that expired in 2003 and this is 2011 so a 8yr difference?

I used a 2005 neosporin to prevent infection, and my scratches GOT infected. I don't suggest anybody using expired neosporin over 3 years. my cuts are huring like hell right now with an expanding red halo