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The Hydrochloric acid will cause the calcium in the bone to erode, therefore causing the bone to look burnt as well as it will be very flexible

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Q: What is the effect of placing bones in hydrochloric acid for a day?
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Does hydrochloric acid have a more dramatic effect on palladium or platinum?

Hydrochloric acid has a more dramatic effect on palladium compared to platinum. Palladium forms soluble complexes with hydrochloric acid, while platinum is more resistant to attack and does not readily form soluble compounds with hydrochloric acid.

What is the effect on solubility of sodium bicarbonate in hydrochloric acid solution?


How does temperature effect the break down of food from hydrochloric acid?


Why is hydrochloric acid more corrosive to aluminum than sulfuric acid?

effect of concentration increase on the inhibition efficiency of organic inhibition on the conosion of aluminium in hydrochloric (Hcl) acid solution.

What acid is in stomach acid?

It contains hydrochloric acid.

Is hydrochloric acid an organic acid?

No. Hydrochloric acid is a mineral acid.

What is the acid HCl called?

hydrochloric acid

Is vinigar a hydrochloric acid?

No, vinegar is not hydrochloric acid. Vinegar is an acetic acid solution, while hydrochloric acid is a different type of acid commonly found in stomach acid.

Is lemon jucie hydrochloric?

No, lemon juice contains citric acid, not hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid found in the stomach that aids in digestion.

How is HCl - hydrochloric acid - harmful for human beings?

Hydrochloric acid is harmful to human beings when ingested, inhaled, or in contact with the skin or eyes. It is corrosive and can cause burns, irritation, and tissue damage. Inhalation can irritate the respiratory system and ingestion can lead to serious internal damage.

Is hydrochloric acid a acid?

Yes, hydrochloric acid is an acid (as its name suggests).

Is chloridric acid same as hydrochloric acid?

No, chloridric acid is not the same as hydrochloric acid. Chloridric acid is a term that is sometimes used interchangeably with hydrochloric acid, but the correct name for the compound is hydrochloric acid. They both refer to the same compound, which is a strong, corrosive acid with the formula HCl.