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An intense, chalky, NASTY taste, that swells up inside your mouth. So gross. And kinda scary.

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Q: What is the effect of eating under-ripe persimmon on the mouth?
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Why does your mouth feel funny after eating a persimmon'?

It is to do with the chemicals inside of it. When you eat a packet of crisps, you want more. This is because of the chemical that PLEASES the tongue. A RIPE persimmon should taste sweet, but the one you have tasted is not ripe yet, and leaves a weird taste in the mouth.

Why eating mint candy gives a cool effect in your mouth?

i dont no

What is chalky mouth a symptom of?

while eating my dinner I got a very chalky mouth feeling. Only new thing I put in the dinner is chickpeas Some foods (such as chickpeas) can have an astringent effect on the mouth while eating them. It's temporary, and can be remedied by drinking lots of water.

What things could effect the weight of bubbel gum in your mouth?

the weight could be changed by eating food and or putting candy or such things in with the bubble gum!!!

Why does your mouth taste bitter after eating tums?

Metallic taste is actually listed as a side effect of tums but is not supposed to be common. I get it all the time too

What is your mouth for?

Talking & eating

What part of the rat's mouth in getting or eating the food?

mouth and teeth

Why does your mouth get hot after eating jalopineos?

czz they got hot mouth

What do cow uses for eating?

its. mouth.

Why do you have a sweet taste in your mouth?

You are eating candy.

What do bees use in eating?

Their probosois, which is their mouth.

Is mouth wash an antiseptic or a disinfectant?

If you have to use a 'mouth wash' , you are not eating enough fruit (vegetative matter). Eating fruits at the end of a meal will clean you mouth and keep your breath 'sweet'.