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A pore is the duct opening that provides a pathway for fluid to leave the body.

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Q: What is the duct opening that provides a pathway for fluid to leave the body called?
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What is the Opening of the female reproductive system?

The opening of the female reproductive system is the vaginal opening, which is where menstrual fluid exits the body during menstruation and where a penis would enter during sexual intercourse.

What is speed of the efflux?

The speed of efflux refers to the rate at which a fluid flows out of a container through an opening. It is influenced by factors such as the size of the opening, the viscosity of the fluid, and the height of the fluid level above the opening. The speed of efflux can be calculated using principles of fluid dynamics.

The octopus has a funnel-shaped opening beneath its head through which it secretes a black fluid when threatened What is this funnel called?

That funnel-shaped opening beneath an octopus's head is called a siphon. The black fluid that it secretes when threatened is actually ink, which the octopus uses as a defense mechanism to create a cloud and confuse predators.

What is meningocele repair used to treat?

A meningocele repair is a surgical procedure performed to repair an abnormal opening in the spinal column (called spina bifida) by draining excess fluid and closing the opening.

What is a large central fluid filled structure that provides turgidity?

It is called central vacuole. It is distinct in plant cells

What fluid provides fructose for sperm?

Semen provides fructose for sperm.

What is the central opening within a tube or vessel?

lumen - the central opening within a tube or hollow organ.

What provides forced convection?

velocity of fluid..

What is the function of an urogenital opening?

The urogenital opening serves as a common opening for the urinary and reproductive systems in some animals. It allows for the excretion of urine and the release of reproductive cells or products such as eggs or sperm.

What is the fluid that nourishes the brainexcretes waste provides cushion and bouyancy to the brain?

cerebrospinal fluid

Where do you ad transmission fluid on a Volvo 940?

Transmission fluid is added through the transmission dipstick. Suggest you get a long thin funnel with a small opening in order to fit into the dipstick opening

What are senovial fluid sacks?

A synovial fluid sac which is actually called a synovial bursa is a fluid-filled sac lined with synovial membrane with an inner layer of slimy fluid. This provides cushion between bones and tendons and/or muscles around joints. They also reduce friction between the bones.