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What is the dosage of albendazole for 4 ya body weight of 15 kgs

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Q: What is the dosage of albendazole for children?
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Is it safe for children below 5 years old to take albendazole?

Yes. Albendazole can be safely given to children above two years.

Is Albendazole the same as ivermectin?

Albendazole is a member of the benzimidazole compounds. Ivermectin is a an avermectin.

What is albendazole tablet used for?

Apparently - Albendazole is used to treat worm infestations (such as flatworms, tapeworms and nematodes).

What is kopen used for?

dosage 4 children?

What is kopen antibiotic used for?

dosage 4 children?

What does 'Se puede tomar alcohol con albendazol' mean in English?

It means "You (or he or she) can drink alcohol with Albendazole". Albendazole is a medicine for treating worms.

What is the correct dosage for children using Tylenol?

The correct dosage for children Tylenol is according to the size and weight of the child. Some children can have a teaspoon and others a tablespoon. It all depends. Follow the directions on the box.

When should you take albendazole tablets?

You should only take albendazole as prescribed by your doctor. In the U.S. it is widely used to treat worm infestations.You should not take albendazole when pregnant or nursing or if you suffer liver disease or any liver abnormalities.Check out the page on albendazole for more information:

How much does a 2 week Rx for Albendazole cost?


Where to obtain albendazole?

Is there any drug that is cheaper-- can't afford the price of this

How do you get rid of pinworms without letting your parents know?

by taking albendazole

Should you take albendazole tablet after food or before food?

after food