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One is unlikely to get protein deficiency with a healthy balanced diet.The problem may arise with vegetarians/ vegans if they do not take enough protein in their diet. Malnutrition, starving, prolonged illness, inflammatory bowel disease, extensive bowel resection, Alcoholism, malignant disease may all cause deficiency of protein in the body.

Meat, eggs, milk and diary products, vegetables, soya, lentils, bean, nuts, cereals all provide good protein and you can get protein supplement drinks also.

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Q: What is the dificiency of protein in the body?
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How is a dificiency disease different from an infectious disease?

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why does the body need protein synthesis while the also synthesis protein?

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The body does store protein. Muscles are made almost entirely of protein, and when the body has a serious protein shortage, it can obtain protein from its muscles (which shrink accordingly).

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Your body it built of protein. Muscle, tissues etc. Your body will deteriorate without protein.

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We all need protein in our body because then our body will function properly.

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