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there different in many ways, but the main reason why there so different is beacuse, the ball and socket let your joint move in all directions, like your hips and shoulders.the hinge joints can only move in one direction, like your finger joints.

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Q: What is the differences in the structure and functions of th four major kinds of moveable joints ball and socket hinge pivot and gliding?
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The 4 types of moveable joints?

The 4 moveable joints are called the Ball-and-socket, Hinge, Pivot, and Gliding joints.

What type of joint is in the spinal column?

Secondary cartilaginous joints. GLIDING

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What are four types of moveAble joints .?

The four types of the movable joints are the ball and socket joint, hinge joint, pivot joint, and gliding joint.

How many types of synovial joints are there?

There is only one type of hinge joint. The knee is the largest hinge joint in the body.

What are the joints of the axial skeleton?

They are as follows in descending order:atlantooccipital - gliding (diarthrotic)atlantoaxial - pivot (diarthrotic)intervertebral - gliding (amphiarthrotic)costovertebral - gliding (diarthrotic)sternoclavicular - gliding (diarthrotic)sternocostal - gliding (diarthrotic)sacroiliac - gliding (diarthrotic)pubic symphysis - gliding (amphiarthrotic)

What is the difference between fixed slightly moveable joints and synovial joints?

Fixed Joint is like your Cranium (head) as it doesnt move. Slightly Moveable is like your Spine (Cartliginous) as it moves slightly Synovial (Freely Moveable) Joints are all your other joints like your shoulder/knee/elbow/hip.... They consist of 4 Main Types Ball & Socket/ Hinge/ Pivot and Gliding

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