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In practicality, none. It is fairly simple chemistry. Potassim (K) typically does not just exist naturally as itself. It is usually is bonded with some other elements or substance. In the case of Potassium Pills, it is bonded with chloride and you get KCl. Potassium Gluconate just uses a a gluconate molecule instead of a Cl to bind it to.

You may compare this to Na Cl or Sodium Chloride (Table Salt). You never eat sodium alone, it is always in combination with Chloride.

The reason in short is that when Potassium is combined with another chemical it becomes charged positive (K+) and this is useful for your body. Any supplement you buy that contains Potassium, whether it be Potassium Gluconate or Potassium Chloride, are most often the same.

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Q: What is the difference between plain potassium pills and potassium gluconate pills?
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how many meq's is 595 mg of potassium gluconate in pill form? _____________ You seem to be asking how translate a dose of potassium chloride, which is often expressed as mEq's when prescribed as a drug, into an equivalent dose of potassium in supplemental potassium gluconate, which is generally expressed in mg. 595 mg of potassium gluconate contains about 99mg of elemental potassium. 189 mg of potassium chloride also contains about 99mg of elemental potassium. 189 mg of potassium chloride is about 2.54 mEq That said, the potassium in potassium gluconate is more easily absorbed by the body than is the potassium in potassium chloride, so seeking the equivalent elemental potassium dosage may not be what you want as it may produce different effects in the body. For example, my mother had been prescribed 20mEq of potassium chloride by her doctor, which contains 781.960 mg of elemental potassium. The large pills were hard for her to swallow. Instead i gave her about 1/4 teaspoon of powered potassium gluconate mixed in a glass of water, which contained only about 135 mg elemental potassium, about the same contained in 3.5 mEq of potassium chloride. That was less than a fifth the amount prescribed by her doctor, yet her potassium levels in her blood tests were just fine.

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You shouldn't lay down for 30 minutes after taking potassium supplements because you want to make sure that they are completely swallowed. It's a good idea to drink a large glass of water with them as well. If you lay down or don't take them with alot of water, it could burn your esophagus. This advice applies to potassium chloride pills (KCl). An alternative to taking the KCl pills for potassium repletion is to take potassium citrate. It will replete your potassium with out the side effects of KCl.

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