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Licit: this is a drug that is acceptable by law under some circumstances. e.g : when a person is under age.

Illicit: these are drugs that are illegal to use, possess, use or produce. e.g : cocaine, marijuana.

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Illicit just means illegal, Licit is not a word.

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licit drugs are legal, while illicit drugs are illegal :]]

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Q: What is the difference between licit drugs and illicit drugs?
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What is the chance of someone recovering from a heroin addiction?

The best evidence from the heroin clinics in Europe is that about five percent of heroin addicts will decide to quit each year. By the end of ten years, about half will have quit. They report that this is the result no matter what mode of treatment is applied. Therefore, they pursue the goal of keeping the heroin addict alive by providing them heroin under a medical plan until they decide they no longer want to be an addict. See The Liverpool Heroin Clinics at the related link. For a good understanding of heroin, its effects, and the problems associated with it, read The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs at the related link. There is a great chance of them recovering. They need to go to a clinic that specializes in addics that way they won't hurt so much. When anyone comes off of a drug their bodies will hurt. But they will be okay. They need to go to a clinic so they will have people around them that are going through the same thing as well as counselors to talk to when they need someone. The hard part about recovering is going back home. That is where it all started. They need to distance themselves from the people who sell it to them. And alot of the times those people are their "friends." If the addict is serious they have a great chance of coming off the drug and the above poster is right when they say clinics and the people in these clinics will be there to help you through the process. The pain of coming off some drugs isn't as hard as it once use to be so don't be afraid. Remember, you're stronger than you think! I was told in rehab that only 10% of heroin addicts actually fully recover and do not suffer from relapse. I still do not have a friend that has gotten clean and stayed that way. Good Luck to you and all you know with this problem. Only 3% of addicts entering treatment, actually complete that treatment and remain clean. I quit heroin. I used a variety of different opiates for many years and began injecting heroin for a few years. I went in and out of rehab facilities. When I finally had enough, I went through a rehab, an extended rehab, halfway house, then a sober house and continued treatment in a 12 step program. I have been clean over three years, but it was very difficult. I do not know the stats, but I think anyone is capable of getting clean.

How long will a heroin addict live?

It depends entirely on the environment in which they live. If a person is receiving clean, medical heroin, it will have no significant effect on their life span. In fact, there are many recorded cases of prominent people living long and productive lives while addicted to heroin. One such example was Dr. William Stewart Halsted, who is known as the "father of modern surgery". He invented most of the basic techniques of modern surgery during a period of forty years when he was a heroin addict. Another famous heroin addict was Senator Joseph McCarthy of anti-communist fame. See Some Eminent Narcotics Addicts at Heroin is just another form of ordinary hospital morphine. It is diacetyl morphine. The only difference between it and regular morphine is that heroin is three times stronger by weight. That is, one grain of heroin equals three grains of morphine. There is no other difference and they are both converted to the same form of morphine in the body. The only reason that heroin is completely illegal while morphine is legal is because Congress went a little crazy in 1924 and outlawed it without really knowing what it was. This syndrome is typical with all US drug laws - Congress never really considered the evidence at any point. There is simply no medical justification for heroin being illegal. There are millions of people who take ordinary hospital morphine for pain in the United States. It is considered to be a safe medicine and it is used routinely without problems. The addiction rate for the medical use of morphine is around one-third of one percent. Heroin is prescribed in clinics in Europe to heroin addicts. The addicts who are on the program do not suffer any significant health problems associated with medical heroin. The number of heroin "overdoses" in the US in a typical year is about 2,000. This is about the same number of people killed by Tylenol. By contrast, tobacco kills about 400,000 people per year, and alcohol kills about 100,000. More people die from overdoses of alcohol than overdoses of heroin. The reason that "overdose" is in quotes above, is because no one is really sure if they are true heroin overdoses. The US Federal Government did some research in the 1950s and they were unable to find a dose of heroin that would put an addict in danger of overdose. Tolerance levels can be quite high, and most "overdoses" occur among addicts. The real explanation for "overdoses" is probably contaminants in the street heroin. People who have "overdosed" usually show symptoms that are not consistent with a true heroin overdose -- such as dying while the needle is still in their arm, or pulmonary edema. In addition, heroin addicts suffer a number of dangers which are primarily due to the fact that heroin is against the law. There are the dangers of injecting anything, the dangers of injecting impure substances, and the dangers of dirty needles, among others. In addition, addicts often do not take good care of their health in other ways. These problems are primarily due to the legal situation. Most of these problems were not signficant problems when heroin was completely legal and sold over the counter -- and was even included in some baby colic remedies. Prior to about 1906, we didn't have most of these problems, and there was no drug-related crime associated with heroin, either. Those who want a good history of heroin and the problems surrounding it should read the Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs at The first several chapters contain a primer on heroin, the history, and how we got into the current situation. I am sure you can.In a year or so It should be noted that heroin addicts will generally live much longer than alcoholics. Also to consider is the geographic oddities of doing H: You're more likely to OD if you do your dope in a strange or new place than usual. **edit** Heroin overdoses are only rarely called true heroin overdoses because there are generally a multitude of other substances in the person's system at the same time. It's not because heroin is less dangerous (as the above answer implies). It usually happens when a recovering addict is on a methadone prescription, and heroin (and very usually Valium) are mixed. Because the recovering addict no longer has such a high tolerance, doses he/she used to take in the past can now be life threatening.

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What is difference between licit and illicit drugs?

illicit=illegal. licit means legal

What is a licit and illicit drugs?

illicit drugs are control drugs while licit are drugs that are not control

What is an licit?


What are the differences between illicit and licit drugs?

There are some drugs that any adult is free to buy at will, which includes such drugs as aspirin, alcohol, tobacco, or Pepto-Bismol (etc.). These would be described as legal, or licit drugs. There are other drugs that can only be legally obtained by prescription, which if you obtain them without a prescription become illegal or illicit drugs; this would include such things as oxycontin, etc. There are other drugs which are never prescribed and which would always be illegal; this includes methamphetamines, crack cocaine, etc. Those are illicit drugs. Lots of people think it's fun to use illicit drugs, and it often is, but you will pay a very high price for your fun, so be warned.

What is licit drugs?

Licit drugs are drugs that are legal.

Who decides what drugs are licit an illicit?

The government of each country makes their own decisions on these matters. Usually it is down to a combination of the health and legal ministries.

What is the root word of illicit?

The answer is licit. I just guessed it cause it's our lesson..

What year did they stop making coca cola with cocaine?

1903 You can find an excellent history of the subject in the Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs at

Legal and illegal drugs that will confuse a drug test at probation?

There is an extremely long list of licit drugs that look like illicit drugs to some drug tests. Poppyseeds will look like opiates (probably since they have opiates in them), most of the new pain relievers like naproxen and ibuprofen look like weed, and Alka-Seltzer looks like speed. Use to see what crosses with what.

What does combining drugs usually lead to?

Combining drugs leads to drug synergy, where the combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Since we're in the illicit-drugs realm rather than the licit one (where a doctor might prescribe two separate antibiotics to exploit synergism to kill a really nasty infection), one famous synergism is mixing booze and barbiturates, which used to be a popular way for women to attempt suicide.

What does Combining drugs leads to?

Combining drugs leads to drug synergy, where the combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Since we're in the illicit-drugs realm rather than the licit one (where a doctor might prescribe two separate antibiotics to exploit synergism to kill a really nasty infection), one famous synergism is mixing booze and barbiturates, which used to be a popular way for women to attempt suicide.

What is a synonym for the word licit?

Legal, lawful, permissible, and authorized are synonyms of licit.

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