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Here's an easy way to remember: People are healthy, food is healthful.

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The difference is that health is your food and weight healthiness is your blood your sugar your weight your food you eat eating well everyday that's the difference

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Q: What is the difference between health and healthiness?
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What is the difference between Health Services Management and Health Care Management?

what is the difference between hospital management and health management

What is the difference between being disease free and being healthy?

"being healthy" is a general statement of health status. Disease is a specific instance of diagnosed illness. Technically, disease does not exist until it is diagnosed by a doctor, although it can be diagnosed 'after the fact'. Healthiness always exists, unless you are dead. Health is the super-set of all healthiness and illness. All disease is a subset of health. It is possible to be healthy and disease free. It is also possible to be healthy in many ways, and to have one or more diseases. A trivial example, if you are scratched by a cat, you might suffer a mild infection, but otherwise you are 'healthy'. Healthiness has many dimensions, from genetics to diet, to cells, tissues, organs, systems, body, mind, spirit, and community. Each of the dimensions has many possible measurements of healthiness. For example, your circulatory system might have a healthy blood pressure level and a healthy pulse - even though you are suffering from cancer or from a cold (or both). Each healthiness (scale of health) can be measured on a continuum from very healthy to very unhealthy. Unhealthiness is the inverse of healthiness. If we measure heart healthiness on a scale, for example a scale of 0 to 100, a score of 80 healthiness would indicate a score of 20 unhealthiness. Each disease has specific measures required for diagnosis, although there may be differences of opinion between doctors and also differences between medical associations in different countries. Any doctor can use these defined measurements to diagnose a disease or not. However, health cannot be diagnosed. As a result, many doctors, and many patients, view 'being healthy' as the condition of being disease free. This is a simplistic view that ignores many aspects of healthiness.

What is the difference between health management and health administration?

there isn't really a difference

What is the difference between Health Science and Applied health science?


What is the difference between health and healthcare?

A health professional is the person that provides the service of health care.

What is the difference between health consumer and consumer health?

A health consumer is one who needs health care and health products and uses money to acquire them. Consumer health is concerned with how healthy and active consumers are in general, on a day-to-day basis.

What is the difference between functional health and the absence of disease?

Disease is any change from a state of health; impaired body function.

What is the difference between a health insurance plan and a health insurance policy?

There is no difference. These are just two different terms referring to the same thing.

What is the difference between the minister of health and the ministry of health?

A minister is a person......a ministry is a group of people.....

What is the difference between public health and community?

Public health protects the health of everyone, and community health protects the health of everyone in a particular community

What is the difference between health care studies and health care education?

what jobs can i get with a BA degree, in health care studies?

What is the difference between Canada and US health benefits?

Canada's health benefits, or most of, are paid for by taxes.