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When soldering a person can use an electric tool or a torch. The torch uses a flame, while an electrical tool has a soldering tip which is heated.

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Q: What is the difference between electrical and torch soldering?
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How hot does the fire torch need to be when silver soldering?

Silver soldering typically requires a torch with a temperature range of 1300-1600°F (704-871°C) to melt the solder and create a strong bond between the metals.

Is soldering permanent?

Soldering is more or less permanent unless you break it with a hammer or melt it with a torch.

When you need to use torch?

You need a torch when you're soldering metals or when you're storming Frankenstein's castle.

Should you use a torch or soldering gun for a radiator?

You should use a torch for soldering a radiator. Torches provide a more controlled and even heat, making it easier to solder the joints effectively. Soldering guns are typically not recommended for radiator repair as they can overheat and damage the radiator.

What is the difference between a torch and a flashlight?

There is no difference. Flashlight is the American word for what the English speaking countries call a Torch. This then avoids confusion when using a camera with a flash!

What is difference between rim blackberry torch 9800 - charcoal and rim blackberry torch 9800?

There is no difference in software or hardware, only in appearance. The metal rim on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Charcoal is, evidently, charcoal colored, while on the original it is silver.

When soldering copper pipe and use the propane torch and how much open the vertical valve?

What valve?...on the torch? Open it up enough to play a good flame. If you are soldering on a valve, you need to take out the valve stem from the body unless you want to melt the seats. Opening the valve is not enough.

What is the function of the insulator in a torch?

The insulator in a torch helps to prevent the flow of electricity between different components of the torch, ensuring that the electrical current is properly directed to the desired parts, such as the light bulb or LED. This helps to maintain the functionality and safety of the torch during operation.

What is the energy conversion in torch battery?

In a torch battery, chemical energy is converted to electrical energy when the battery is connected to the circuit in the torch. The electrical energy then powers the light bulb, converting the electrical energy into light energy and heat energy.

What is the loads in the torch?

The load in a torch is tehb thin tungsten wire in the bottom of the torch. It converts electrical energy into light energy.

What is a load in torch?

The load in a torch is tehb thin tungsten wire in the bottom of the torch. It converts electrical energy into light energy.

What energy changes take place in a torch?

In a torch, chemical energy stored in the battery is converted into electrical energy when the torch is turned on. The electrical energy is then converted into light and heat energy when the current passes through the bulb's filament, producing the light that is emitted from the torch.