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Drug action is the mechanism by which drug exerts its effects (i.e. the way it acts in the body to produce its effects).

Drug response is the improvement or effect observed when the drug is administered.

Drug effect is the improvement (or the portion thereof) due to the physiological mechanism itself. The drug effect is calculated by subtracting the placebo arm from the drug arm of a randomized controlled trial (RCT). In other words, drug response - placebo response = drug effect.

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Q: What is the difference between drug action and drug effect?
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What is difference between pharmacological action and pharmacological effect?

Pharmacological action is the therapeutic action of the drug on the body. For example, how the drug acts on the cells, what the drug does to the cells. Whereas the alteration or changes produced after the drug has acted (the action being; how the drug acted and what action did the drug do) on the cells is pharmacologial effect. Simply, in layman's terms pharmacological action is what action the drug can do and the pharmacological effect is what the action of the drug has done.

What is difference between site of action and onset of action?

site of action is the location (site) where the drug do there action ........ while onset of action is the starting of effects produced due to drug............... both are clearly different..........

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Bromocriptine (dopaminergic agonist drug) has longer duration of action than levodopa (dopamine precursor).

What is pharmacodynamics?

Pharmacodynamics is the study of the biochemical and physiological effects of drugs on the body or on microorganisms or parasites within or on the body and the mechanisms of drug action and the relationship between drug concentration and effect.

Is Pheniramine an agonist or partialagonist or antagonist?

Pheniramine is a histamine drug which have anticholinergic action but its effect is agonistic or antagonist or partialagonist. Pheniramine is a histamine drug which have anticholinergic action but its effect is agonistic or antagonist or partialagonist.

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What is Antagonistic interaction?

An antagonistic interaction occurs when each drug's effect is canceled out by the other or the action of each drug is reduced.