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''Diagnosis is the identification, by process of elimination, of the nature of anything. What is wrong with the patient. For example. You can have a diagnosis of a broken leg after the doctor reads your xrays for a foot injury. Or you have been diagnosed with pneumonia after you have had a cold for days.

Prognosis is a medical term denoting the doctor's prediction of how a patient will progress, and whether there is a chance of recovery. This word is often used in medical reports dictating a doctor's view on a case. What will be the outcome of the patients recovery.



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Q: What is the difference between diagnosis and prognosis?
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Does prognosis and diagnosis mean the same thing?

prognosis is prospective and diagnosis is retrospective. i.e. the prognosis for revovery is/could be be dependent on the diagnosis

What is difference between diagnostic and prognostic?

Diagnosis is usually something told you by a doctor regarding what is wrong with you, prognosis is how long it may take to cure what is wrong,e.g. The doctor told the man that his diagnosis was a slipped disc and his prognosis that only rest would alleviate the pain. or to do with work being done e.g. The prognosis was that the work on re-furbishing the property would take longer, as the diagnosis by the surveyor was that the house was riddled with woodworm.

Which comes first diagnosis or prognosis?

Diagnosis generally comes before prognosis. Diagnosis involves identifying the nature of a specific disease or condition based on symptoms, test results, and medical history. Prognosis, on the other hand, focuses on predicting the likely course and outcome of the disease once diagnosed.

What is the antonyms of prognosis?


Which of the following is a type of prediction a iconoclasm b diagnosis c prognosis?

C prognosis

Is prognosis the identification of a disease?

Diagnosis is the identification of a disease. Prognosis is a prediction about the course of the disease.

What is the difference between unconfirmed diagnosis and the final diagnosis?

The difference is that the first is unconfirmed, while the second one is assume to be confirmed.

What is the prognosis for Reye's syndrome?

The mortality rate for Reye's syndrome is between 30-50%. The likelihood of recovery is increased to 90% by early diagnosis and treatment.

What is the purpose of establishing a final diagnosis?

it provides a logical basis for treatment and prognosis

Why do you diagnosis HIV?

Because if You don't it will progress to AIDS and the Individual will Die. Earlier diagnosis = better prognosis. It allows access to medication that is life saving.

What is the prognosis for bladder cancer?

When detected in early stages, the prognosis for those with bladder cancer is excellent. At least 94% of people survive five years or more after initial diagnosis.

What reading material is available on the diagnosis and prognosis of malignant melanoma?

Carlson, J. A., A. Slominski, G. P. Linette, et al. "Malignant Melanoma 2003: Predisposition, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Staging." American Journal of Clinical Pathology 120 , Supplement (December 2003): S101-S127.