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A boyfriend is a romantically favored male. This can be someone you are dating, or just hanging out with. There does not have to be any physical intimacy (sex) involved. A lover is someone that you are intimately involved with. You can have a boyfriend without him being your lover, but it is assumed that if you have a lover he is your exclusive boyfriend.

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Q: What is the difference between boyfriend and a lover?
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What is the difference between a boyfriend and a boyfriend?

A Boyfriend is like Boyfriend & Girlfriend. A boy friend is a friend that happens to be a boy.

What is the difference between lover and betrothed?

Betrothed is a word that means engaged to be married. A lover is someone who you have a romantic relationship with. You can also say that someone is your lover and that you are betrothed to them though.

What is the difference between lovers and friends?

A friend can be a lover and a lover can be 'just' friends! Sexual intercourse is involved with a lover, mental and emotional intercourse are more the realm of a friend. Hence, the categories need not be mutually exclusive!

What is the difference between dating an being boyfriend and girlfriend?

Same thing!

What is the difference between boyfriend and fiancee?

You and your fiance[e] are planning to get married.

How do I convince my parents about my boyfriend whose younger to me?

Tell them, it's better than an older boyfriend. Ask the age difference between your parents and relate it to you and your boyfriend.

Difference between aboyfriend and a xboyfriend?

a boyfriend is someone , you are dating or have a relationship with and a ex-boyfriend is someone that was your boyfriend and now isn't.i hope this help out a little bit

Who was Rosa park's boyfriend?

her byfriend was jusin cater he was her lover

Is a boyfriend and a lover same?

No, but they can be. The differences consist of with whom you have sex.

Who is lady gaga's lesbian lover?

She's not like that, she has a boyfriend.

What do you call a guy more than a boyfriend but not husband?

a lover

What is the difference between seeing someone exclusively and being boyfriend girlfriend?

There is absolutely no difference between the two. They're both different names for the same concept.