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Nuptials are the social events in which a wedding ceremony is performed. It can be social or church related. The terms are used interchangeably in today's society.

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Q: What is the difference between a nuptial and wedding?
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What is the difference between nuptial and wedding?

The nuptials are the ceremony or vows and the wedding is the party.

What is the difference between a nuptial mass and a requiem mass?

A nuptial mass is one celebrating a wedding. A requiem mass is one to honor someone who has died.

What is Latin for wedding?

Nuptiae (= nuptuals)

When speaking of nuptial in Romeo and Juliet wat is being discussed?

Nuptial means realated to marriage or a wedding.

What is nuptial blessing?

A nuptial blessing is a rite that is expressed in a Catholic wedding. There are three nuptials that a couple can choose from for their special day.

What is the difference between a Catholic wedding and a Christian wedding?

There is no difference, Catholics are Christians, if you are asking about the difference between a particular protestant wedding and a Christian Catholic wedding, then you should ask that.

Sentence with the word nuptials?

As their nuptials approached, the couple grew anxious about the coming wedding.

What is the difference between the wedding cake knives?

there is no difference

What is the difference between antenuptial and prenuptial agreement?

There is no difference between ante nuptial and prenuptial agreement. They both mean the same thing which is an agreement made by two people before getting married relating to possession of their property.

What are synonyms of wedding?

Marriage, matrimony, nuptial mass ( Church use). slang: Tie the knot, lock couplers.

Differene between marriage and wedding?

well the difference is that a marriage is something simple and you don't have a big ''ol'' party and wedding is a bug white dress a big party. That's the difference between wedding and marriage.

The difference between Chinese and Western wedding?

In Chinese weddings, the people are usually Chinese.