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A mandatory relationship is when you HAVE to do it. Kind of like when people are "arranged". An optional relationship is where you have the right to chose.

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Q: What is the difference between a mandatory relationship and optional relationship?
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What is the difference between a mandatory and optional referendum?

A mandatory referendum is required by law for certain issues, while an optional referendum is not required but may be held at the discretion of the governing body. In a mandatory referendum, the public must vote on the issue, whereas in an optional referendum, the governing body decides whether to seek public input through a vote.

What is relationship in er diagram?

In Database Analysis and Design; the relationship in an ERD can only be mandatory or optional between two entities. Mandatory is where both entities must be present, whereas with optional, you don't always need two entities.

In yugioh when man eater bug is fliped do you have to do the effect?

The difference between Mandatory and Optional Triggers is that Optional ones say 'you can', Mandatory ones don't. Mandatory ones must be carried out if possible, even if you don't want to.Man-Eater Bug's effect is a Mandatory Trigger, it must activate, even if the only thing it can destroy is itself.

Explain the difference between diet and ration?

Rationing is a Mandatory thing during a war Dieting is optional R U SERIOUS? WHO ASKED THAT?

What is the difference between mandatory and directory statutes?

directory and mandatory

What is the difference between mandatory and Necessary?

"Mandatory" implies that something must be done or is required by a rule or law. "Necessary" suggests that something is needed or essential for a particular purpose or outcome. Essentially, something that is mandatory is always necessary, but not everything necessary is always mandatory.

What is the difference between is-a and has-a relationship?

is a and a

What is the difference between line relationship and staff relationship?

The difference between line relationship and staff relationship is that, line relationship receives command from the top management, while staff relationship is managed by all staff.

What is the difference between Indian pharmacopoeia and British pharmacopoeia?

Indian pharmacopoeia is mandatory in India for registering medicinal products and British pharmacopoeia is mandatory in MHRA.

What is the difference between a symbiotic relationship and socialism?

A symbiotic relationship is a relationship between 2 organisms. Socialism is a form of government.

What is the relationship between growth and synthesis?

The difference is what it is

What is the difference between structure and function and the relationship between them?

Structure refers to the physical characteristics or arrangement of components, while function refers to the purpose or role of those components. The relationship between structure and function is that the structure of an object or organism often determines its function - the way something is built or organized influences how it works or what it does. For example, the shape of a bird's wings is structured for flight, which is its function.