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Eustress is the positive stress, opposite to distress

distress is a negative pressure...

when the pressure is shown in the positive being the first...

a Ms. World, Ms. Universe or anyone for the matter.....who stands under eustress... Eustress is the positive stress that you get from riding a roller coaster, or a high speed bike, or singing in front of an audience. You usually feel very good afterwards. Distress is the negative stress that you get from being arrested for drink driving, caught out by your principal, found out by your mom. You normally feel very bad afterwards. You often have the same bodily reactions (sweat, trembling, shivering etc) for both eustress and distress.

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the definition of eustress is good/positive stress

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The word "eustress" is literally "good stress" (the prefix "eu-" comes from a Greek word which means "good"). Hans Selye coined this term in 1979 as the antithesis of "distress" (bad stress).

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Q: What is the definition of eustress?
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What is the best definition of eustress?

Eustress is a type of positive stress that motivates individuals to take action, meet challenges, and achieve their goals. It is seen as beneficial and can enhance performance and productivity.

A sentence using the word eustress?

Kids were making me eustress.

What types of activities might create eustress?

Eustress basically means positive stress. Eustress could be caused by doing a very hard job that gives a person a sense of achievement or accomplishment. Playing a sport that has a lot of competition but the player enjoys could create eustress.

Which is not a response to eustress?


How do you pronounce eustress?


Is Eustress linked with negative stressors?

No, eustress is not linked to negative stressors. Eustress refers to positive stress that motivates and energizes individuals, while negative stressors typically lead to distress, which is harmful and overwhelming for individuals.

Can eustress occur before a test?

Yes, eustress can occur before a test. Eustress refers to positive stress that can motivate and energize individuals. Before a test, eustress may manifest as a heightened sense of focus and determination, leading to increased productivity and performance.

What is a synonym for eustress?

Positive stress

Is a positive psychological response to stress?


What of these terms is a synonym for eustress?

Positive stress.

What term is a synonym for eustress?

Positive stress

What type of stress can stressors cause?

Eustress, Distress