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depends on the subject of the matter; one may adapt to the stimulus, or develop a tolerance if being compaired to drug use

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Q: What is the decreased sensitivity to a continued stimulus called?
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What is a decreased sensitivity that occurs when a stimulus is continuously applied to sensory receptors called?

It all depends on the sensory receptors affected by continuous stimulus applied. It can cause complete damage to the receptors and or prevent them from receiving the correct signals.

Anything a organism responds to is a?

stimuli? yea that's what i thought but im not so sure...

What are some of the signs of congenital and infantile glaucoma?

They include an enlarged eye, called buphthalmos; corneal swelling; decreased vision; tearing; sensitivity to light; and blepharospasm, or uncontrolled twitching of the eyes.

What are issued stimulus checks called?

Economic stimulus payments.

A organisms reaction to a stimulus?

An organisms reaction to a stimulus is called RESPONSE.

A reaction to a stimulus is called a?

A stimulus evokes a response.

Responding to stimuli that are similar but not identical to a conditioned stimulus is called?

Stimulus Generalization-

When salivation occurs in response to a previously neutral stimulus it is called a?

Conditioned Stimulus

What is a change in a environment that causes a reaction called?


When the initial stimulus produces a response that reinforces the stimulus the mechanism is called?

positive feedback

What is a plant response to a stimulus called?

Tropism is the response plants have towards external stimulus.

The process in which an animal stops responding to a repetitive stimulus is called?

The process in which an animal stops responding to a repeated stimulus is called habituation. Broadly defined, stimulus results in a reaction.