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77 Years

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Q: What is the current life expectancy of a baby born in 2004?
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What is a current life expectancy of a baby born 2004?

77 Years

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What part of the population pyramid shows the life expectancy?

The peak of the pyramid may be a crude indication of life expectancy. One of the limitations of this measure of life expectancy is that the people represented by the peak were born in circumstances that might have differed considerably from current conditions.

What is the life expectancy of a baby born with Wolman's disease?

Death from Wolman's disease generally occurs before six months of age.

What is the life expectancy for a male born in 1959?

what is the life expectancy of male born in 1929

Did anything good happen in 2004?

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What was the life expectancy in 1944?

According to government statistics for births in 1944 the life expectancy was 69.5 years. The CDC in a report titled "United States Life Tables, 2004" says that life expectancy for those born in 1944 for all sexes and all races was 65.2 years.

What was life expectancy for people born in 1941?

According to an average of life expectancy statistical charts, a person born in 1941 has a life expectancy of 62.81 years.

How long do Kenyan people live for?

The life expectancy for a person born in Kenya today is 57.86 years. Only 2.6% of the current population is over 65.

What is the life expectancy of a male born in 1920?

The life expectancy of a male born in 1920 was approximately 60.8 years.

When you were born right after end of World War 2 what was the oldest life expectancy?

all I know is I thought the war ended in April 1945 and me being born in May meant I was not a war baby.