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By being surprised, and thank a simple thank you will suffice.

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Q: What is the correct etiquette for thanking the organisers after they've thrown you a surprise party?
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What is the correct spelling of etiquette?

Etiquette is the correct spelling.

Is the correct spelling suprize or surprize?

Neither. The correct spelling is surprise.

How do you spell surprise in English?

The correct spelling of an unexpected event or situation is "surprise".(The spelling surprize was the name for five British sailing ships, HMS Surprize, from 1746 to 1792.)

What is the correct grammar of the surprise visiting you on your birthday?

The correct grammar is "I am surprised to be visiting you on your birthday."

How do you spell itiquette?

The correct spelling is etiquette (proper manners).

What is the correct etiquette for visiting a neighbour after the death of her husband?


What is the correct spelling of eticates?

Perhaps you mean etiquette, as in manners?

How do you go about thanking your WikiAnswers peers for nominating you to be a premier answerer?

You could thanks them in a number of places. These include message boards (write a kind message to them thanking you for the nomination), thanking them on your bio page, or even the community forum in the correct topic.

Is this sentence grammatically correct''thanking you for your usual cooperation''?

No. It lack a subject and a main verb.

Is correct and incorrect the same thing?

No, correct and incorrect are not the same thing. Correct means right, proper, appropriate, according to protocol, according to etiquette Incorrect means wrong, mistaken, error, improper, against protocol, not consistent with good etiquette

How do you spell supplise?

The correct spelling is "surprise."

Is it surprise or suprise?

I think the actual word is 'surprise' and not 'suprise'. While talking people usually ommit the letter 'r' and pronounce it as 'suprise' but we write it as 'surprise'.