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The correct dose will be determined by your doctor.

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Q: What is the correct dose of ampicillin for an adult daily?
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What is the maximum daily dose of doxylamine?

The maximum safe dosage for the average adult is 325mg.

What is the correct dose of aspirin for Acute Coronary Syndrome?

The adult dose is 160-324 mg orally. If rectally 300-600mg.

What does RDD mean?

Recommended Daily Dose or Recommended Daily Dose

What is the usual dosage for Zitromiacin?

Assuming you mean Zithromax (azithromycin): The dose will vary based on patient age, health status, and diagnosis. Common adult dosages include: 500 mg daily for 1 dose then 250 mg daily for 4 more doses or 500 mg daily for 3 days or 1000 mg once or 2000 mg once The importance of obtaining a correct diagnosis and dosing schedule from a physician can not be emphasized enough.

What dose fish mean?

One or two capsules twice daily, as needed. Maximum daily dose 4

How you calculate maximum daily dose?

maximum daily dose for a drug product is calculated based on clinical studies. To know a max. daily dose we can refer medsafe website. Generally this website is reliable.

What is an adult dose?

An adult dose is the dosage that is safe for adults to ingest. It almost always larger than a child's dosage.

What is safe daily dose of morphine Ir?

morphine requirement will increase with regular use and safe dose will depend on weight and general health a safe daily dose is nil.

What is daily dose for taking creatine?

Creatinine is the break down product of creatinine phosphate from the muscles. There is no daily dose as it is not taken as medicine

What is the maximum daily dose of Tazarotene?

according to Allergen Gel product Lable, the maximum daily dose would be 7.2mg/day

Why infuse the medication at the recommended rate?

So that the patient receives the drug at the correct dose rate and total dose. If the dose rate is too fast harm may occur even if total dose is correct. If the dose rate is too slow the response may be inadequate even if total dose is correct.

What is an adult dose of tab Tamiflu?

adult dosage of tab.tamiflu to treat swinflu