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Real love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought or concern for themselves.

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Q: What is the connection of love and happiness?
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Is there a connection between beauty and happiness?

Beauty triggers happiness in some people. This is not the case with everyone.

What does the Gaelic sonas mean in English?

It means Love and Happiness... (or love and joy)

You will have happiness and love?

Yes, as i believe anyway. When you find the person you really love then yeah, you'll have happiness and love.

What is the symbolic meaning of the shell?

Happiness. And love. And happiness. =)

What type of noun are the word love happiness and truth?

The nouns love, happiness, and truth are abstract nouns.The nouns love and happiness are words for emotions.The noun truth is a word for a concept.

Why are coco beans so important?

because they create happiness, and happiness brings love, and love is the world.

Peace love and?


What is perfect happiness?


How do you spell Love Strength Happiness in Hebrew?

love = ahava (אהבה) strength = ko'akh (כוח) happiness = simkha (שמחה)

What is love of work?

love of work is happiness in the workplace...

Why love is beautiful?

love is beautiful because it creates love and happiness

What are the ratings and certificates for Love's Lost and Happiness - 2005?

Love's Lost and Happiness - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT