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Q: What is the condition called when your equilibrium is off?
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First condition of equilibrium?

The first condition of equilibrium states that the net force acting on an object must be zero for the object to remain at rest or move at a constant velocity. This condition is also known as the vector sum of all forces being equal to zero.

What condition is attained by the cell?

Cells strive to keep an internal equilibrium by adjusting their processes. This equilibrium is called homeostasis. Please see the related links for details.

Why there is need of second condition of equilibrium if a body satisfies first condition of equilibrium?

Consider two equal and opposite forces acting along different lines of the body, which causes the body to rotate, although first condition is fulfilled but body is still moving. Thus, we need another condition for equilibrium that is the second condition of equilibrium.

What is the condition that must exist in order for a body to attain equilibrium?

The equilibrium condition requires the sum of the forces on the body to be zero.

When allele frequencies are not changing it is called?

BottleneckThat is a condition of the Hardy-Weinberg law and the population is said to be in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium , but it is an idealization that never happens in nature.

What is internal equilibrium?

The internal equilibrium is a balance condition between internal forces and the commulative integrated stresses.

What are related words for balanced forces?

Equilibrium Condition.

What do you call the condition in which your equilibrium is disturbed?

"Inebriation" "Intoxication"

Explain the two conditions of equilibrium?

first condition for equilibrium is that the a body is satisfy with first condition if the resultant of all the forces acting on it is zero let n numbers of the forces F1, F2,F3,.........., Fn are acting on a body such that sigmaF=0 a book lying on a table or picture hanging on the wall are at rest and thus satisfy with first condition of equilibrium a paratrooper coming with terminal velocity also satisfies first condition of equilibrium

Process of price determination?

Price is determined at the point of equilibrium. Equilibrium is a point of balance. In other words, equilibrium is the point at which quantity demanded and quantity supplied is equal. That is, market equilibrium refers to a condition where a market price is established through competition such that the amount of goods or services sought by buyers is equal to the amount of goods or services produced by sellers. This price is called equilibrium price.

Type of equilibrium that occurs when allel frequencies do not change?

the type of equilibrium that occurs when an allele frequencies do not change is dynamic equilibrium :)

What is the state of equilibrium called?

Dont u mean what is equilibrium?