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muscle of mastication.

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Q: What is the common name for masseter?
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Name a muscle that is a synergic with the masseter muscle?

lateral pterygoid

Which of the following muscles closes the jaw?

both masseter and temporalis

What originates on the zygomatic arch and inserts on the angle of the mandible?

The masseter is the main muscle that shuts or closes the jaw.

What is chewing muscle of mouth?

The masseter. It can exert an amazing force. I think it was 700 pounds of pressure.

What is the muscle closes the jaw?

The masseter muscle. both masseter and temporalis :)100%

What does the biography of John Masseter look like?

John Masseter was born on January 30,1980 in Hempstead,New York.He was the son of Patrick and Coretta Masseter.In 1986,the Masseter family moved to Arizona.In 1998,Masseter attended the University of Denver.After graduating,John went home to Arizona.In 2010,Masseter met Rose Hosborne.On July 9,2012,the couple got married.In 2015,Masseter was elected to the House of Representatives.In 2024,the Democratic party chose Masseter as their presidential candidate.Idaho governor William Pierce was chosen as Masseters running mate.In November,Masseter and Pierce won the election.On January 20,2025,Masseter was sworn in as president.In 2027,Masseter told the nation that he was not going to run for a second term as president.In 2028,James Marvey was elected.In 2029,Masseters family retired to Arizona.In 2031,Masseter was diagnosed with Hickenpox.John Masseter died on June 18,2035,Masseter died after a very long battle with Hickenpox.He was buried at the National Union Palace.

Which muscles elevate and retract the mandible?

Temporalis, Masseter and the Medial Pterygoid

The mandible elevated by what?


How can you strengthen masseter?


The acts synergistically with the masseter to elevate the mandible?

The masseter IS the functional muscle which closes the mandible (jaw).

What is the strongest muscle of mastication?


What is the antagonist of the masseter?

Platysma muscle