What is the comfy way to sleep?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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idk but if u dont want wrinkles dont sleep on ur side or on ur face that is one way to get wrinkles

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Q: What is the comfy way to sleep?
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What is a sleep tee?

A tee-shirt that is softer and thus comfy to sleep in.

Where can you buy a harley Quinn onesie for a teenage girl like a comfy one to sleep in not a fancy dress one?

by the way, i dont mean a fancy dress one, i mean like those ones that are comfy and you can wear around the house to sleep in and stuff. please answer, thanks! :D

How do you sleep in work?

Go into the broom cupboard and make youreself comfy

How comfy were the beds in the Holocaust?

they were not at all they were just hard and bad to sleep on for your back

Why does your cat sleep in your bed?

Because it loves you & it's a comfy bed. What else is there to know?

What is the purpose of heating pads?

Heating pads are a great way to relieve aches and pains in your body. There are also mattress heating pads to keep you warm, and comfy throughout your sleep!

Why do cats sleep on your face?

haha! my cat sleeps on my tummy! i guess it feels more comfy

What do soldiers sleep in?

it depends where they are stationed. In open fields, or in barns, or anything they can find that is "comfy" enough nearby.

Why can't dogs live outside?

They can, they just need a comfy bed to sleep in and a bit of room to run around in.

A comfy way to sex in the bathtub?

aaa....?? you don't! hah. well...Maybe you should try a Big bathtub?? or...Maybe a Comfy bed! Lol

How do you get your scared stray cat to go to sleep?

well, try to sooth it by petting it very gently, and make it as comfy as possible.

Where is a primary habitat for snow dogs?

Usually sled dogs sleep in the snow. They dig a big comfy burrow then sleep through most of the winter. They also like forests.