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this clear fluid is pus.

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Q: What is the clear fluid that weeps out of a small scratch or thorn prick?
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What is the medical term meaning a circumscribed collection of clear fluid?

A blister is a circumscribed collection of clear fluid. In medical terms, a small blister is a vesicle, and a large blister is a bulla.

What type of phlebotomy involves collecting small amounts of capillary blood?

A heel prick or a finger prick.

How small of a possipilty to get HIV from a nail scratch from a person that has HIV?

So small the chance does not even exist. There has to be a trasmission of body fluid which is not likely to occur via scratching.

What could small circular bruising on the legs be?

Small circular bruising on the legs can be caused by various factors such as trauma, insect bites, or certain medical conditions like vasculitis or purpura. If there is no history of trauma or obvious cause for the bruising, it's recommended to consult a healthcare provider for further evaluation and diagnosis.

RedPink fluid leaking from the front of your car seems to be small drops Is this power steering fluid or trans fluid your car is an automatic?

It's probably tranny fluid, Power steering fluid is usually clear.

What does prick mean?

"Prick" can be used as a derogatory term meaning a contemptible person or an insult to someone's character. It can also refer to a sharp, pointed object or a small hole made by a sharp object.

How do you remove scratch in clear coat?

If it's a fine or shallow scratch, you could try buffing it out with polishing compound, if it's deeper (can you catch your nail on it?) you would be better off taking it to a auto paint shop where they will do it for you for a small price.

Supernatant and pellet?

Supernatant is the clear fluid above a precipitate or sediment. Pellet is a small rounded object, ball, or spherical body.

What liquid is contained in the bursa sac?

Each sac contains a small amount of synovial fluid, a clear liquid that acts as a lubricant.

Can a small crayfish's pinch hurt?

only a little bit like a pin prick

What is a Pembroke dog?

A pembroke is a small dog with prick ears and it originated from pembrokeshire wales

What color is the vacuole in an animal cell?

Vacuoles in animal cells do not have a specific color. They are usually clear or colorless structures that can store various substances such as water, nutrients, or waste products.