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D50 solution is a hypertonic solution.

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Dextrose (sugar) and water.

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Q: What is the classification of the IV solution D50?
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What is D50 IV used for?

D50 iv is used to increase blood sugar level in diabetics whose sugar level drops.

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hypotonic solution,isontonic solution and the hypertonic solution

What is clafagyl iv solution?

It's an antibiotic/antifungal in IV form.

What type of solution is used in an IV solution that is pumped into your body?

There are a numbers of types of IVs, depending on the patient's needs. If she is dehydrated, then the IV may be a saline solution. For other needs, perhaps lactate of Ringer's solution. Medicines and pain-relievers can be given by IV, as well.

What is Sudan iv solution?

it's a solution that is an indicator to test for lipids.

How much glucose is in a amp of d50?

There is no Glucose in D50 there is 25g of dectrose. otherwise known as 50% dextrose in water

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What is the overall charge of an IV solution?

The overall charge of an IV solution is typically neutral, as it contains a balanced amount of positive and negative ions. This is important to prevent any adverse effects on the body's electrolyte balance.

What is code 8 iv solution?

Code 8 is 2/3 1/3 IV solution. What I do not know is the origin of the term. Does anyone know where it started?