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What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility

What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

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Which type of cancer is the leading cause of death

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Q: What is the cause of most health problems today?
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What are the risk behaviors that cause the most serious health problems today?


The risk behaviors that cause the most serious health problems today include?

Alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. And/or sexual activity and behaviors that cause injuries

What is the most common cause of human health problems from food?


How do computers help the world today?

It helped to solve the worlds most difficult health and social problems!!

What does the risk behaviors that cause the most serious health problems today include?

sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.sexual activity and behaviors that cause injuries. C.alcohol, drug, and tobacco use.all of the above hope this helps haha, this was from a test.

What are the most critical regulatory in health care today?

The heart is the most regulatory in health care today.

Why are most people surffering from health problems and mostly why in Somalia?

In Somalia the cause is malnutrition. Its hard to be healthy if you're starving.

Do preservatives cause health problems?

For the most part, no. However its a proven fact that when you die, your body decays at a much slower rate because of them!

What type of mold is the most serious?

Probably black mold (strachybotrys chartarum) is the most serious for humans. The spores from the mold, when breathed or touched, can cause upper respiratory symptoms in otherwise healthy people, and cause cause serious health problems with people who have sensitivity to mold or respiratory problems such as asthma.

What are some health problems in France?

Similar to health problems in most advanced countries. Your country would probably be a model.

Does torture bring health problems?

Most forms of torture require intense bodily harm and often result in health problems.

What are the most common adult health problems?

cardiovascular disease.

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